Lauren Boebert goes completely off the rails

Like most people, there are things that irritate me. Then there are other things that just make me shake my head, close the book, and walk away because I know I’m dealing with someone so incompetent or something so ridiculous that the only thing that’ll come of it is me aggravating myself. “Stupid” is one of those things.

Lauren Boebert just introduced a Bill to undo Joe Biden’s Executive Order on masking. Yes, you read that correctly. I realize the GOP will take whatever votes they can get, but I’m not seeing much of a future for this dimwit or her dunce cap “competitor” Marjorie Taylor Greene. Some of their more levelheaded GOP colleagues are already tired of them and it’s been less than 2 ½ weeks. Boebert’s own constituents also want her out.

Boebert, I don’t do stupid. In fact, “we” don’t do stupid. Maybe you should consider cutting your losses and packing up now – before you get arrested for your direct role in endangering the Speaker on January 6th. I hear Mar-a-Lago suddenly has a lot of membership openings. And, if not, welcome to your new role as the face of the “unhinged radical element” which is the GOP. If you think we won’t use this, “you’re doing stupid.”

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