Kevin McCarthy’s cowardice has caught up to him

I want to start this article, which will be about Kevin McCarthy with a quote: “To see the right and not to do it is cowardice.” – Confucius

Does this quote not describe Kev perfectly? So it is the day before the January 6th hearings. This promises to be an exciting week. And it is no thanks to McCarthy (flailing, insurrection party, California.)

A funny thing happened to me regarding the cowardly Congressman, which I feel I must share with you.

I saw a poll. It was from a conservative website. And it wanted people to answer a question: Whom would the reader like to see as House speaker?

Below was a picture of Warrior Pelosi. And next to her?

There was a picture alright – of Jim Jordan.

That was something to see! But it confirms-sort of-my theory. McCarthy will never be the speaker. His actions have cost him much. He has bungled things so severely his own party is already floating other names.

Do not get me wrong-Jordan would be a disaster. And we are going to win the midterms anyway. But it says so much about Kevin’s place in the party these days. Do you think he knows?

McCarthy, according to reports, has managed to piss off every faction within his party – no easy task! But with the January 6th commission, his decisions were so obviously horrible. It does not surprise me that his own party views him as weak because he is.

So how will the craven sycophant get his reputation back? I do not think he can. In the meantime, we march forward with our investigation. And we prepare ourselves for a very interesting election cycle in 2022.

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