Kevin McCarthy is taking on water from all sides


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It’s the war of the roses, everybody!

Pelosi versus McCarthy. Who do YOU think is emerging victorious?

McCarthy (glutton for punishment, insurrection party, California) seems to never tire of showing us all what a fool he is. Way to go, Kev!

The House Freedom Caucus (idiots, insurrection party, various states) have demanded that cowardly Kev try to remove Warrior Pelosi as House Speaker.

This is gettin good!

Of course, this will never happen. But this particular group of GOP losers are lost in their cult-like fantasies. Sadly, this motley crew does not appear to have been born with brains.

The group sent a letter to Kev, and as justification for their outrageous request, what do you think they said?

The reasons for this move are cited in the letter, which explains that Pelosi crossed a line with her refusal to seat J&J on the January sixth committee.

The group of misfits also whined in their letter that Pelosi had no right to kick Marjorie Taylor Greene off her committees.

I know how I’d answer this letter. Two words: “Up yours.”


Alas, it is doubtful McCarthy will choose that route. But in any event, this issue is dead on arrival and will never happen. The only thing this letter does is succeed in making the GOP look like idiots, something that is now happening daily.


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