Kevin McCarthy is left with nothing to do but whine

Speaker Pelosi has rejected Gym Jordan and his clown-car antics. Good. Now, Kevin McCarthy gets his time on mike to grouse and fume and throw a tantrum – which he did. Fine; it was to be expected. That was his play to make the whole time. It follows the Republicans’ obstructionist play-book. It was pro forma and SOP for the GOP.

Kevin severely over-reached by claiming that Ms Pelosi was a ‘lame duck speaker.’ First of all, that term is normally reserved for POTUS and typically used only after the sitting president loses re-election. To use the phrase for Pelosi when the 2022 election has yet to be run – let alone decided – indicates once more, that Kevin is very much out of his depth and playing to a very uniformed base.

Ms Pelosi also rejected another of Kevin’s bad-faith picks for the Select Committee. She nixed Jim Banks (R – Indiana) who voted against certification of the 2020 election and twice voted against impeaching the Orange Arsehole. Be assured, Jim Banks was to be the ‘sleeper’ and Gym was to be the flamboyant, bloviating monkey wrench in the works. Together, both members of the Insurrection Caucus would wreak havoc and disrupt as much of the Committee’s investigation as they could.

As Adam Schiff opined, the Republicans were always set on attacking the Committee. They know, with great certainty, that the investigation will implicate members of the House and Senate as well as the Former Guy, himself. Madam Speaker has put her foot down, in a very tempered way, and determined to minimize the attacks within the Committee itself by nixing Jordan and Banks.

Now, Kevvie Mac, has fumed and pouted publicly and has taken his ball and gone home to sulk and stew; he’s withdrawn all five of his picks out of spite. This was to be expected as well; Kevin is grandstanding for an audience of one – the Orange One. McCarthy will persist in dragging his feet, obstructing the Select Committee and tarnishing the integrity of the Committee and Ms Pelosi. 
It’s the Republican way!

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