Kevin McCarthy is backed into a no-win corner

It’s blue versus red–in more ways than one. I am referring to our friends in blue, the Capitol Police. The GOP should be mighty scared about now. Warrior Pelosi has named her picks for the January 6 committee. They will begin their work quite soon.

We are still waiting for Kevin McCarthy to choose his picks. No surprise there. I imagine McCarthy is sweating hard about now as he ponders what to do.

McCarthy was outplayed by Warrior Pelosi, and he absolutely must know that. Checkmate. But now he faces a choice. And that choice is: who does he pick for the committee?

I am sure the big orange would like him to pick his fellow lunatics in crime. That would be people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz. Pelosi would immediately veto them. Kev must know that as well. So what is cowardly Kev going to do?

As we wait for the bozo to make his decision, it is good to see how quickly this group is getting to work. And they plan to hold their first public hearing this month. Guess who will be testifying? Members of the Capitol police themselves. Be afraid, GOP. Be very afraid.

It will be interesting to see how the insurrection party deals with this. Will McCarthy’s picks try to obstruct? Will they try to imply the Capitol police are members of Antifa? Will they demand to know if the Capitol police vote Democrat? What will they say?


They say they support the blue. So, just HOW is this group of motley GOP members going to treat them during testimony? What can they possibly say? HOW can they come off as patriotic while trying to wipe away the credibility of the Capitol police? Buckle up. Things are going to get interesting.

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