The MAGA loons are falling to pieces

Cognitive dissonance. Willful ignorance. Falling under the heinous sway of the Orange former Guy and his obfuscating minions. Plain stupidity. It’s all of one thing for the Republic; disaster.

In a brief chat session with family members (checking on their health, mostly) one member, a Trump supporter and suspected Q aficionado, clambered on the digital soap-box to question the efficacy of available COVID-19 vaccines, denounce the vaccination program and question the intelligence and courage of those who would defy the CDC/WHO.

If one considers the salient sore spots touched on in such a brief message, one can witness evidence of the aforementioned mental maladies (e.g. cognitive dissonance and willful ignorance).

There is an aggressive relapse to adolescence evidenced here. That regression to a pubescent state can be seen in the assertion that experts should not be trusted because they are the ‘Elite’ and the ‘Elite’ can’t be trusted. The distillation of that circular argument is ‘My ignorance is equal to your knowledge’.

It can also be seen in the MAGA-stance which denies the established validity of scientific findings, theories and practices. They dismiss the audited vote tally in the 2020 election. They call the pandemic a fraud. They dismiss the efficacy of vaccines. They claim that the earth is flat; rejecting 500 years of scientific observations and calculations. Rejecting Galileo, Huygens, Copernicus, Newton, Boors, Einstein and Hawking with the contention that their ignorance is more than equal to the genius of the aforesaid geniuses.

They actually accept on faith, without evidence or proof – they believe – that what they choose to believe (e.g. Q or their favorite YouTube channel) is on par with the scientific community, the medical community, the legal profession, the State Department, the FBI, etc. In short, they believe that their ignorance supersedes all educated and certified sources of information.

One of Biden’s initiatives should be that mental and emotional health programs should be enacted and funded to address the ‘folie à millions’ which has afflicted a third of our Republic. Perhaps he could include it in his massive infrastructure bill.

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