Kayleigh McEnany just found a whole new way to humiliate herself

After President Biden’s speech, and Tim Scott’s rebuttal Last week, Kayleigh McEnany sent out a laughable tweet praising Scott’s statement, “America is not a racist country,” as an “incredible, inspiring, patriotic response.” Is she for real? She went on to say, “Senator Scott is an impressive leader in the Republican party. VERY bright future ahead for him.” Wow. I wonder if when he joined the Republican party Scott knew he would receive such condescending praise just for telling such a whopper of a lie which, let’s face it, is not something that would take any great talent to say even if it were true? The patronizing superiority McEnany showed in this tweet is so downright embarrassing, even reading it made me very uncomfortable:

But, it’s not at all surprising to see such talk coming from a Republican barbie doll like McEnany, especially one who so ironically had tweeted earlier in the day, “One of my favorite colleagues from the Trump White House was @StephenM — a truly brilliant mind and good friend. TONIGHT I cannot wait to join him on @SeanHannity in the 11 PM hour to discuss the Biden address!”

We all know Stephen Miller was perhaps the most racist pig in Trump’s administration, which is saying a lot. Remember, Miller is the guy who recommended articles on white nationalist sites such as AmRen and VDAR, and was also the one behind much of Trump’s racist immigration agenda. (But, of course, no Americans are racist.)

And what is it with McEnany putting the first word of her second ‘sentences’ in all caps in her tweets? Is that some new Twitter trend I’m unaware of?

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