Ron Desantis is perpetrating a fraud

The part of the most recent law restricting voting access in Florida that few people will talk about is this: it will add new powers for partisan election observers and give Ron DeSantis (or any governor) the leeway to appoint replacements to fill certain local political positions vacated by people running for higher office.

Exactly how does this make voting safer or potentially less fraudent? The answer is simple – it doesn’t. This bill was never about safer and less fraudulent elections, it has always been about putting roadblocks in front of people to make it more difficult to cast a ballot.

Rep. Dianne Hart said Wednesday that “Not a single person in favor of this bill has been able to produce one example of one incident of fraud that this legislation is supposed to prevent.”

In a state that has been lauded as one of the safest states to vote in and even Donald Trump voted by mail in the last election and urged his supporters to ‘vote by mail’ because of its safety, what Rep. Hart says points out there isn’t any fraud.

Trump may have won Florida, but what the GOP is all about is keeping voters who likely won’t vote Republican from having easy access to exercise their right to vote. They know the changing dynamics of the country don’t favor them. Maybe they should try putting together policies that work, rather than working so hard to assure something won’t happen, that isn’t happening to start with.


Fraud in elections isn’t happening. Re-read Rep. Dianne Hart’s words – they can’t show any example. Believe your eyes, because the GOP has nothing to show you to justify their case.

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