Josh Hawley whines and cries like a baby as it all goes wrong for him

Missouri Senator and oppressor of free and fair elections, Josh Hawley is yet again demonstrating why he is on his way to becoming a has-been at the tender age of 41. First Hawley incited the Capital rioters with his legendary raised fist and objections to Biden’s win. Then he lost his publishing deal with Simon and Schuster.

As if that were not enough, Hawley’s former mentor, Former Missouri Senator, John Danforth withdrew his support for Hawley calling it “the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life”.

You’d think Hawley would have heeded the message. Perhaps he could have been a bit humble and at least offered a heartfelt apology. But of course he did none of those things. Instead, the seemingly clueless Senator is continuing to tweet petulant and whiny tweets all about….guess now…Josh Hawley!

On Tuesday, this tweet was released from Senator Hawley’s Press Office: “What we’re seeing now is an attempt by the left to lie about our motivations, to lie about our actions in order to grab power,” Hawley told @marklevinshow. “They want to silence dissent. They want to silence me…I am not going to back down.”

This tweet is, like Hawley himself, vapid, clueless and lacking in any reality at all. Hawley is clearly trying to look strong and patriotic. Too bad he is not self aware enough to understand that this tweet only makes him look weak and cowardly. At the rate he is going, we would not be at all surprised to see him lose his seat in 2024. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving Senator.

FYI…If you would like to see the quote on Mark Levin’s page you can’t. Levin has left tweeter in protest of free speech as stated on his Twitter account dated January 8th. We couldn’t be happier about this.

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