Trump’s impeachment brief is a work of fiction

Many Americans are, understandably, disturbed by the legal brief filed by Trump’s Defense (“D”) Team; it’s rife with errors, fallacious arguments, and assertions that strain credulity.

But this view fails to recognize the brief for what it is, a work of fiction. Accordingly, instead of having legal experts pore over every flaw, publications should have their book reviewers assess it:

“The Trump Brief is a highly creative work of fiction. It makes you laugh; it makes you cry. It reveals the dark underbelly of humanity, yet deftly employs comic touches on every page. A great read!”

“Like fabulous fantasy fiction before it — The Lord of the Rings comes to mind – The Trump Brief creates an entire world of alternate reality, but with a twist. Their world physically looks like ours, but the fundamental values and perceptions are totally different. A masterpiece of subtly poking fun at societal conventions and norms!”

“Like Gulliver’s Travels and Tristam Shandy, the Trump Brief is a sprawling masterpiece – a work of genius that makes you ask hard questions about where we really are as a society. This is satire at its finest!”

“The Trump Brief is today’s equivalent of Cervantes’ magnum opus, Don Quixote! It’s a magnificent work of fiction that draws you right into his off-kilter world. The modern tale recounts the main character’s inglorious quest for votes and voter fraud. Like Cervantes’ lead, he’s guided by fervent hope and cannot be dissuaded from his mission. As with that earlier Don Q, you have to ask yourself, is the protagonist mad – or does he just see things differently? This thoroughly entertaining romp of a modern day “Q Man” (who’s been known to tilt at windmills himself), raises these questions, but never really answers them, leaving it for the reader to decide.”

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