Josh Hawley just tried to pull a fast one

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) is a proponent of the Big Lie, and he knows he’s trying to gaslight the electorate. Hawley shook his angry fist in solidarity with the Capitol insurrectionists, knowing he was inciting an extremist, white supremacy-inspired mob. Since the day of the attack on the Capitol last month, Hawley has been using the insurrection to raise money. In fact, the senator even began fundraising whilst the insurrection was happening, claiming that he was merely standing up for his constituents who desperately wanted the Big Lie to be true.

This week, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the Senate Rules Committee are holding a joint hearing into the attack on January 6th, and Hawley is still using that infamous day to add to his campaign’s coffers. It’s striking that Hawley should even be asking questions about what happened that dreadful day since he’s partly responsible for provoking the violence and insurgency that occurred. Hawley is in way over his head here, and he’ll have to be very creative if he hopes to extricate himself from the quandary he’s made for himself.

Hawley has created his own sorry state of affairs. He has ceaselessly spread lies about non-existent election fraud. He’s complicit with domestic terrorists who attacked our Capitol. It’s unsettling that he gets to ask questions in a hearing when questions should be asked of him. And here he is fundraising off falsehoods and copious gaslighting, even stating in a fundraising email this week that “Biden and his woke mob are coming after me,” as if he were a victim in all the trouble he has perpetrated. We’ll eventually know what the discreet current investigation into Hawley’s involvement in the insurrection uncovers. It’s time for the tables to be turned on Hawley.

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