Turns out New York prosecutors are criminally targeting Donald Trump AND Donald Trump Jr.

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Based on the confirmed subpoenas that were being sent out by the grand jury, it’s been clear for more than a year that the Manhattan District Attorney was planning to criminally charge Donald Trump with various financial crimes once he was out of office. Getting his tax returns this week is just the icing on the cake.

While it’s long been a given that Donald Trump would end up indicted and arrested if he lost the election, one of the open questions has been which if any of his kids would get arrested along with him. Now we’re getting something of an answer on that.

The Daily Beast is reporting tonight that when the Manhattan DA’s office has been interviewing witnesses, it’s been asking not only about Donald Trump’s actions, but also about Donald Trump Jr.’s actions. This means that Trump Senior and Junior are being targeted in this criminal probe.

This isn’t particularly surprising, given that Trump Junior signed one of the checks to reimburse Michael Cohen for his payoff to Stormy Daniels, which means that Trump Junior violated campaign finance laws. This latest development still doesn’t yet mean for certain that Donald Trump Jr. will be indicted and arrested. But it does now look that way.

What stands out here is that the DA’s office isn’t interviewing Donald Trump Jr. as a witness against his father. Instead it’s interviewing other people as witnesses against Donald Trump Jr. It looks like Junior is in real trouble. No wonder he comes off as even more psychologically distressed in each of his new videos.

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