Josh Hawley just stepped in it

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Once again, Missouri Republican and friend to insurrectionists Josh Hawley has stepped in it. Hawley, who shows his incompetence daily, had something to say about the issue of gun reform. And as usual, what he said was yet more right-wing talking points.

Congress is focusing on the wrong thing, the Senator declared. Congress should not be hell-bent on “taking away Second Amendment rights from law-abiding citizens.”

See, this is the usual GOP rhetoric. They govern by fear and, for years, have perpetuated the myth that nameless, faceless strangers are coming to confiscate guns. The fact that nobody has done this yet in all the decades they have been talking about it is neither here nor there.

I had a conversation with someone, and this issue came up. He was puzzled. He said, “where have Democrats ever said that they want to take guns from their owners?” He was genuinely puzzled.

And he’d be right to be puzzled because the Democrats haven’t said that. But Republicans are very good at lies and manipulation.

The bottom line is Republicans operate on the word “They’re”. Think about it. “They’re coming to take your guns.” And: “They’re in caravans ready to rip across the border and kill you.” And: “They’re coming in on buses and voting illegally.” And: “They’re”… insert whatever you’d like.

“They’re” is the Republicans’ main suspect. Like a murderer who says he didn’t do it and blames it on a mysterious stranger, so are the Republicans blaming all the world’s problems on the mysterious “They’re.”

These people never arrive and will never arrive because they do not exist. But it serves Republicans well to have this “They’re” to scare the ever-loving heck out of gullible voters. But we’re in charge now. And we will act. The only “they’re that we need to fight is the Republican party.

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