Josh Hawley falls flat on his face


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Is Senator Josh Hawley trying to be this stupid, or is this just something he cannot control? Hawley (Stupid-Missouri-Lying Party) is being mocked again, and for a good reason.

Hawley has a book coming out. It’s a book I suspect most of us will never read. Hawley sent this tweet about his new book: “The corporate media and the woke mob don’t want you to read this book. They tried to cancel it. They failed. One week until publication-order here.”

Hawley’s book is entitled “The Tyranny of Big Tech.”

The pushback started immediately, with many wondering how people could be trying to “cancel” Hawley when he’s seemingly alive and well and living on Twitter posting moronic tweets like this one. Others wondered why, if Big Tech is so tyrannical, he is using Big tech to promote his book.

Still, others wondered why he has a book deal at all if the media and the “mob” do not want people to read the book.

The media and the mob (great name for a rock band) do not care about Hawley all that much. That’s his main issue. Nobody cares about Hawley, and he knows it, so all he is doing is trying to get attention. If Hawley were honest, his tweet would read like this:

“The corporate media and the woke mob are not talking about me enough lately. They don’t care if you read this book, but I do because I want to run for President, and I screwed that up with my fist pump, so this is all I have left. Nobody’s tried to cancel me, but I hope to channel some Tucker Carlson outrage and reach some of his base. Order here. PLEASE order it. If you don’t, I will have to think of another way to lie and put myself in the spotlight.”


Fist pump,


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