Iowa Republican Party goes completely off the deep end

As I said before the 2021 session of the Iowa General Assembly has largely read like a reich-wing wish list. From voter suppression to forcing school districts to reopen regardless of whether it’s safe or not to flooding the state with firearms, the Iowa GQP has been doing all they can to take Iowa back to the 50’s. The 1850’s, that is. And GQP legislators have openly said GTFO if we don’t like it.

Back on April 9, I mentioned how Kim “#CovidKim” Reynolds and her GQP enablers in the Iowa legislature were looking to ban “vaccine passports.” Now the GQP members of the Iowa House just passed a bill that does exactly that. It not only forbids government entities from requiring individuals to verify if they’ve had the COVID-19 vaccine, but also educational institutions and businesses that require a sales tax permit, non-profit organizations, and establishments open to the public. Yeah, so much for local control and so much for all that GQP horse manure about letting businesses do what they want. Of course, GQP House members like Steve Holt and Pat Grassley were busily spouting off their anti-vax garbage and patting each other on the back over this. Now the bill is on to the Iowa Senate and then on to #CovidKim for her signature which will no doubt happen.


This latest episode is further proof that the Branch Trumpvidian government in Iowa does not want to do anything to get the state past this crisis and would rather pander to their anti-vax and anti-mask dummkopf base. It is so frustrating to live in a state that does nothing to help its people. I’m hoping that people like Grassley, #CovidKim, and Holt are all shown the door next year, and that Iowa Democrats will work hard to do so.

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