Josh Hawley doubles down on his idiocy

Senator Josh Hawley is perhaps one of the vilest Republican Senators. Since the January 6th insurrection, Hawley has been asked to resign by his local newspaper, had his mentor withdraw support, and been made into a national fool. He has become the butt of many jokes.

All of this has only made Hawley double down. During Trump’s impeachment hearing, Hawley was widely condemned for appearing to be bored and impatient with the impeachment proceedings. He propped his feet up and read or perhaps pretended to read whatever was in front of him. His behavior has been bratty and unbecoming of a United States Senator.

Yet, it appears Hawley still thinks he has a future in the Sedition party. He has been making Fox Entertainment appearances like crazy and is trying to dismantle Biden’s cabinet nominees. Hawley appears to be clueless.

The truth is Hawley is done. His career was over as soon as he raised his fist in solidarity with the insurrectionists. America is a forgiving nation. We love to give people second chances. Why not? Everybody screws up at one point or another. There are no perfect people.

There are however, certain things that are impossible to forget. They are few and far between, but they are there. The bottom line is this. Hawley’s action was the hand fist raise seen around the world. If he ever tries to run for President, you’d better believe that image will be played over and over.


Hawley’s Presidential aspirations are over. The only person who seems unaware of that fact is Josh Hawley himself.

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