Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz face expulsion

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri are self-important, hubris-filled villains. We see nothing good or honorable come from these men, as they merely view their positions as means to personally empower themselves. They are like wrenches thrown into the governmental works, deliberately mucking up all they touch. They’re not just bad for their constituents, they’re bad for the entire country. People like them do not belong in positions of power, and they especially do not belong in Congress.

Cruz and Hawley promoted the Big Lie despite knowing full well that Biden decisively and fairly won the election. They voted to overturn the will of the voters, along with 145 other congressional Republicans. They incited insurrectionists when our Capitol was seized on January 6th. In a grotesque move, they had their staffs send out fundraising solicitations during the attack on the Capitol, just when one would think they’d be more concerned about finding refuge and calming the rampage. During the Georgia runoff election for U.S. Senate, Cruz duped small-dollar donors into thinking he was raising money for Georgia’s GOP candidates, but the funds raised went instead to his own campaign’s coffers.

Now Senators Cruz and Hawley face an ethics investigation into their roles in inciting the deadly violence at the Capitol earlier this month. This complaint, rightly filed by seven Democrats, seeks to see if Cruz and Hawley coordinated with the insurrectionists in addition to their encouragement of the turmoil. Democrats also seek to deny committee seats to these chaos-inciting senators, with investigations into other Republicans also possible. The ethics complaint calls for punishment, up to expulsion, if it is found that Cruz and Hawley were more involved with the Capitol attack than was previously thought.

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