Fact check: no, President Biden didn’t overturn a Trump executive order lowering insulin prices

This week a popular claim has emerged on social media that President Biden struck down or overturned a Donald Trump executive order that had lowered the price of insulin. However, this claim gets nearly all of the details wrong and is in fact false.

Trump did sign an executive order in December to lower the price of insulin, but it hadn’t kicked in yet. President Biden merely flagged it for a 60 day review this week. Trump executive orders have been almost uniformly financially corrupt even when their stated intent is pure, so any executive order like this requires review to make sure it doesn’t have hidden corrupt intent.

No, Donald Trump did not lower the price of insulin. No, President Biden has not raised the price of insulin. No, President Biden did not strike down the executive order about insulin. Not only is this a false claim, it’s a false claim built on false claims.

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