Jim Jordan gets what’s coming to him

Ohio Rep. Gym Jordan once again made a fool of himself. Yeah, I know that’s almost a daily occurrence with Gym. What did he do now? He got into a heated exchange with Doctor Anthony Fauci during a subcommittee hearing about when the country can start relaxing the pandemic mitigation measures such as masks, social distancing, and not gathering in large groups. Gym whined the measures had resulted in “one year of lost liberty” for Americans.

He kept arguing with Dr. Fauci until the Chair Rep. James Clyburn said that Gym’s time had expired. Gym didn’t stop until Rep. Maxine Waters told Gym, “You need to respect the chair and shut your mouth.”

Hey Gym, the reason this is still a problem over one year in and we’re facing another surge now is because Former Guy and his willing enablers throughout the GOP refused to take the pandemic seriously. That includes you, by the way. If Former Guy had stepped up to the plate and did his fornicating job when the pandemic started, we might actually be at the point where we can get back to a more normal state of affairs. But nope. Former Guy and the GOP did everything they could to make matters worse.

Gym ought to try shutting his mouth more often and engaging in honest self-reflection for once in his life. Perhaps if he actually did that, he’d see that it’s not Dr. Fauci’s fault that we’re still needing these measures a year in. The fault for all this largely rests with Gym, Former Guy, and the rest of the GOP.

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