House Republicans are having a terrible, terrible week

Six Republican Senators voted this week against a bill to combat Anti-Asian hate crimes: Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, and Tommy Tuberville. Horrible stuff from horrible people.

So Tom Cotton thought he leaped to the head of the pack in the Republican race to the bottom by springboarding from this despicable vote to his belligerent questioning of DOJ nominee Kristen Clarke, along with his dismissive response to Chairman Dick Durbin when he asked Cotton to allow the witness to answer his question.

Ted Cruz, never one to back down from a challenge – at least one related to displaying horrible behavior, not relating to actually solving problems for his constituents – decided that he would get into a twitter war with American icon Dan Rather by branding him, with absolutely no sense of irony, as a “professional liar.”

Gym Jordan, of course, was quick to remind people that the Senate has no monopoly on despicable Republican legislators. Today, he decided he’d try to “Rand Paul” Dr. Fauci on the House side. He kept hectoring Fauci about when the country would actually open up as vaccinations become more widespread. He decided this was such a winning approach, he tried to continue it even after his time had expired.

To Jordan’s chagrin, the Chair, Jim Clyburn, next recognized Maxine Waters, who was having none of Jordan’s intrusion into her time, ultimately telling him, “You need to respect the Chair and shut your mouth!”


Tom Cotton is on notice. Although he is certainly a strong contender, by no means does Cotton have a lock on the title of “Most Despicable Republican Officeholder.” We haven’t even heard from Josh Hawley, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, or Tommy Tuberville yet. And, of course, Matt Gaetz is still out there digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself.

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