It’s time to take the California Governor recall election seriously


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Have you ever taken something for granted? I think most of us have. Perhaps you did not call to make sure that prescription medication was ready and it was not, forcing you to wait hours or even days.

Perhaps you assumed you were a lock for that great job, so you never followed up. And the job went to someone else. People make assumptions about all sorts of things. But in some cases, the consequences for “assuming” can be deeply dangerous.

This leads me to California Governor Gavin Newsom. As many of you are aware, the Governor is facing a recall election. And though I believe he will ultimately be triumphant, I do not know that for sure.

And that is why I am asking for each and every Californian who reads this to get out and vote. You may think he is safe. After all, in California, Democrats outweigh Republicans by massive amounts.

It does not matter. Several recent polls show GOP members are more enthusiastic about voting in this recall than Democrats. I believe that is because Democrats are taking it for granted. Such a thing could never happen in California, many might be thinking. Not in our state. We are solid blue.

Yes, California is blue. And yes, Republicans are seemingly determined to force power out of the hands of our party. And if Californians take this race for granted, the GOP could succeed.

Ballots are being mailed out. So I ask every Californian not only to vote, which is imperative but to speak to EVERY friend and family member they have to let them know the POSSIBLE consequences if they do not.



Show them this article. Let them know about the polling. Because sometimes assumptions can be dangerous. And in the case of California, we have the numbers. So please scream it loud and clear to all fellow Californians: do not assume. Get out and vote, or volunteer your time here.


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