Mike Lindell crashes and burns

Well Mr. MyPillow Mike Lindell’s “cyber symposium” turned out to be exactly what we all thought it would be: a giant bust. Mikey’s own “expert” Josh Merritt said there’s no proof of an election hack and Mikey’s $5 million offer for the person who could disprove Mikey’s wild accusations has been withdrawn.

Actual experts who went to Mikey’s event were a little irritated because they felt there was nothing there but a bunch of random garbage. Merritt doubled down by attempting to call his work for Mikey polishing a turd into a diamond and saying the garbage was proof of hacking, but it just shows how desperate he and Mikey are. Mikey needs gullible Branch Trumpvidians to keep spending the money on his product and supporting his GQP buddies. He’s already cost his business so much money by wanting to help the former guy overthrow the United States government with numerous retailers cutting him loose. He needs that money to maintain his high-flying (in more ways than one) lifestyle. So, Merritt is not coming right out and admitting there was no election hack because that would take one of the biggest ways he has of getting his sorry behind into the public limelight.

In ordinary times someone who has flamed out as much as Mikey has would slither away and keep a low profile. Being much like the former guy he worships so much, I don’t see this happening as he does more and more dumb things to keep himself relevant.

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