Here’s the thing about last night’s town hall

There has been a collective sigh of relief now that ‘you-know-who’ is no longer center stage. Impeachment Trial v2.0 was a farce; a farce that wasn’t funny in the least. Everyone expected it to be, given the craven subservience of the GOP to their Dear Leader. After Mitch’s bizarre stance between two canoes, it became a farce wrapped in a shameful debacle.

That (ugh) is now behind us. Let loose the hounds of the courts, criminal and civil to deal with the Orange Traitor and his MAGA-minions. We can sigh and bask in the boredom of normalcy that President Biden has ushered with his first town-hall meeting of his fledgling presidency. President Joe gave us what we’ve been longing for; a kindly, nurturing grandpa who can ease our troubled hearts with kind words and assurances that as bad as it might get, it will get better.

President Joe comforted a small child who was anxious about the coronavirus and about getting back to school and her friends. He called her ‘Honey’ and no doubt would have stroked her hair and given her cheek a grandfatherly peck in other, non-pandemic times.

Perhaps his most humanistic moment – at least for me – was when he started to encroach on Anderson Cooper’s expanded personal bubble. Talking extemporaneously, Joe walked toward Mr Cooper but stopped before violating the six-foot social distancing zone. He then did what had been unthinkable; he apologized!

I’ll say it again. He apologized for his social lapse. He did with chagrin as he retired to his side of the stage and reestablished the required distance for maskless individuals. “It’s the Irish in me”, President Joe quipped to lighten the mood and explain his faux pas. You know, like a normal person would do.

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