Mitch McConnell has been neutered

Mitch McConnell made himself obsolete by giving us all whiplash with his ridiculous Oscar performance on the floor of the Senate prosecuting Trump after the trial was over. Today he followed up with a written version of this mess in the Wall Street Journal. What’s the point? Whether written or spoken his decision was ludicrous and unjustifiable. This clearing of conscience play McConnell is putting on should be given the level of respect and attention it deserves…zero.

After playing games with the Senate’s calendar so the impeachment trial would start late…McConnell then says…oh oops..the trial started too late. Then, in a final insult to our intelligence, he essentially declares that Republicans could not convict the former President because they have super duper sincere convictions about what the Constitution allows…but certainly (now that it is in Democratic hands) the Department of Justice can take care of this, and they should. What? Look again..the Republicans want us to clean up the pile of shit their party left on the floor of the Capitol – gimme a break – and thank you to the maintenance folks who actually did it.

It has been announced that a 9/11-style commission will be formed to look into this mess and that is sensible. In the meantime my secret decoder message for Leader Chuck Schumer, House Leader Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden is this: politics is ruthless, if the worst thing you do for the next four years is ignore Mitch McConnell and let the Republican Party continue on its path of self destruction, that will be a favor. Our country has just been put through four years of deranged polluted politics, time to move onward and upward.

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