Have Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner turned on Donald Trump?

Ivanka and Jared Kushner were in the news today. CNN reported they have been distancing themselves from the former guy and his obsession and crazy conspiracy theories over losing the 2020 election. These two were extremely close to Trump while he was in office, but now they do not even want to be in Trump’s orbit. They have totally backed away from Trump, CNN reported, yet also act like they are the parents and Trump is a misbehaving child. It sounds like they may be using “tough love” on him. Both sides claim there is no estrangement, but those close to Trump claim there is definitely a rift between them. Tiffany and Don, Jr. posted happy father’s day wishes to Trump on social media, but Eric and Ivanka did not.

Trump also appears to be jealous of Jared’s seven-figure book deal, complaining Jared is taking credit for Trump’s own accomplishments. Trump is now even concerned about what Jared may have been up to while he worked for Trump in the White House, questioning whether he was ever even loyal to Trump at all. Trump’s paranoia knows no bounds.


This story makes me wonder if the Kushners may already be cooperating with the Manhattan District Attorney on the criminal case against Trump in order to make a deal. And if I’m wondering about that, you know Trump has to be worried about it.

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