Greg Abbott goes totally off the deep end over made-up story about President Biden

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a far-right Republican, is a dreadful leader. He also doesn’t think his right-wing constituents and average GOP voters are all that smart. We see time and again how far-right officials aligned with the nefariousness of the QAnon party and sedition caucus throw out nonsensical fodder, hoping their base will take them literally. The goal is to create angst and ire among the baser elements on the right. They know that the far-right lot is information-limited and consumes only far-right media that pretends to be legitimate information.

This weekend, Fox News (the disinformation and entertainment network) made up falsehoods out of the blue about President Biden. The propaganda network posted on the screen some bullet points that someone randomly chose to create and present as real news. Three bullet points said part of Biden’s climate plan would require us to “cut 90% of red meat from diet,” limit meat consumption to “max 4 lbs per year,” and “one burger per month.” The non-news network even gave these points the silly title “up in your grill” and called them “Bidens’ climate requirements.” It doesn’t take a great mind to know that this is categorically false, but it does show how very low Fox will go.


As if Fox’s actions weren’t deplorable enough, Abbott posted a screen capture of the Fox segment and tweeted the words “not gonna happen in Texas!” Of course it’s not going to happen in Texas. It’s not going to happen in any of the other 49 states either, as this is pure crockery made up by someone at Fox as feed for the lost-cause crowd. Essentially what we have here is a governor of a state of 29 million people intentionally spreading disinformation and discord. Abbott is an example of why elections are important, and why we must vote out Republicans at all levels.

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