Attorney General Merrick Garland takes big swing at Louisville Police Department

Isn’t it wonderful to have an attorney General who cares about this country? Attorney General Merrick Garland may be on his way to being the best AG ever. Who knows? It’s been such a short time, and he’s done so much. And now he has made another announcement.

AG Garland is launching an investigation into Louisville, Kentucky’s Policing practices. This comes after the tragic shooting of Breonna Taylor, which was a horrible mistake and which never should have happened.

Garland announced this today and explained what this investigation would look like, including looking at unconstitutional stops and seizures.

Also being scrutinized will be search warrants for individuals’ households and the legality of specific searches. The use of unreasonable force by police will also be looked at.

The Mayor of Lousiville, Greg Fischer (Democrat-Kentucky), says the city of Louisville stands behind AG Garland and will be “ready to assist.”

We should all be gratified and happy this is happening. And most of us are. The MAGAs, who are miserable about everything and anything, are not pleased about this, but that is not such a surprise. I doubt that there is much that could make these children happy, other than the former guy being President again, which is not going to happen now or ever.


And Lousiville’s Police Chief also expressed his appreciation. This is the right and correct thing to do. Hats off to Garland. He hasn’t even been in office long, and he is already leaving his marl and showing himself to be a man of honor, courage, and humility.

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