Gavin Newsom comes out swinging

The GOP has a problem, and its name is Gavin Newsom. The California Governor is enjoying a surge in popularity even though frustrated GOP members are doing their best to find quality candidates to try to oust Newsom in a recall election. It won’t work.

And it appears many GOP members are slowly starting to become aware of that. Newsom has been traveling the state of California recently. He has been seen with a podium sign that says “California ROARS BACK.” And Newsom is also collecting quite a bit in fundraising.

And much to the chagrin of the GOP, Newsom’s polling appears solid as well. In a Public Policy Institute of California poll, 57 percent of happy Californians said they oppose the recall.

Adding the the anguish of the GOP, their own candidates appear woefully unprepared to take on the high polling Governor. Just take Caitlyn Jenner, who appears to think she actually has a chance of becoming California’s new Governor.

That is most definitely not the case, as Jenner cannot break 5 or 6 percent in the polls. She also has a problem with questions asked of her. That problem is that she seemingly can’t answer them.

This is what happens when one is insincere. The GOP has long coveted California, mainly due to their plethora of Electoral votes. However, California is currently and will stay a Blue state. All the GOP are managing to do with this artificial recall is embarrass themselves yet again.

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