Donald Trump and Michael Flynn’s delusional endgame is upon us

Seditious nutcase Michael Flynn is calling for a Myanmar-type uprising and Trump is telling every one of his sycophants that he’ll be reinstated in August. When you quit laughing, start focusing in on the January 6ers who are in court today. Extra charges of tampering are being announced after these Oathkeepers erased their social media posts. Additionally, the Feds have said they’re hoping for plea offers in the next month or two.
Plea offers are for bigger fish. And there is obviously a whole school of them. Because morons can’t moron alone. They need help from Roger Stone, Don Jr., Louis Gohmert, Boebert, and others. They needed help with receiving tours of the Capitol, help with busing and organization. Hotel costs are another factor. You can bet the FBI is looking into who paid for all these things.

Is there another coup attempt in the horizon? Maybe. The Republicans are doing everything in their power to allow it. But it won’t work. The MAGA infrastructure is blown up. All the true believers are having to pay for lawyers and look for new jobs and probably negotiate divorce filings. Can Trump, Flynn or Stone find a crowd to play to? Absolutely.


But given that most Trumpsters are over 50, it seems unlikely after the consequences of January 6th, that too many people with sign up for it. If another insurrection happens, it will be a horror show to watch, but it will end like January 6th did, with people going to jail, bankruptcy and death. Republicans love to talk about personal responsibility and the Department of Justice under AG Garland will give them all a lesson in it.

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