Fox News just got hit with some terrible news

Fox News just got some terrible news. No, Tucker Carlson has not quit. (We should be so lucky.) What’s happened is the ratings have come in for January. And they do not paint a pretty picture for the unfair and unbalanced entertainment network.

Fox News now has their worst ratings in 20 years. Viewers are leaving in mass amounts. They are currently in third place. They are behind both CNN and MSNBC.

As if that were not bad enough news for the fake news network, they have lost the viewers in the 25-34 age group. Fox long held that group firmly but not anymore. As if that wasn’t enough, Rachel Maddow was the most-watched show in the 9:00 PM hour. She averaged 4.2 Million viewers. On the other hand, Sean Hannity fell to 3.1 million viewers. Hannity is down by a whopping 19 percent.

This data shows Fox is no longer Numero Uno and will have to do some scrambling to bring viewers back. They could go the honest route and bring in some quality reporters like Shep Smith.


But knowing Fox and their history of terrible decision-making, there is doubt this will be what they do. They could choose to go even more MAGA, which most likely will lose them more viewers. We will see what the network chooses to do next.

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