Turns out New York’s criminal case against Donald Trump is further along than we thought

Over the weekend Palmer Report laid out the three confirmed criminal cases against Donald Trump that are publicly playing out in three different jurisdictions: New York, Georgia, and Washington DC. We pointed out that because Trump is already out of power, haste isn’t important at this point, so much as thoroughness; it’s all about getting a jury trial conviction.

New there’s news out of New York which points to just how thorough, and just how far along, the criminal case there is against Trump. CBS News is reporting that the Manhattan District Attorney and his grand jury have subpoenaed and received an engineer’s documents regarding Trump’s Seven Springs property. Last month CNBC reported that the probe was focusing on whether Trump inflated the value of properties like Seven Springs in order to obtain new loans, which would be a felony.

These engineering documents, which include maps, ostensibly help show what the Seven Springs property is actually worth, and what it actually looks like. For all we know, Trump could have hypothetically lied on a loan form and said the property has twelve bedrooms when it really has seven, or something like that.

The point is that the Manhattan District Attorney and his grand jury are clearly deep into the nitty gritty details of Trump’s financial fraud, which is how a case of this type is proven. It’s why financial fraud cases are a slam dunk at trial when the evidence is there, because it tends to be black and white.

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