Fox News gets caught in the act

The propaganda outlets of the GOP and other pro-fascist organizations like Faux News and its warped copycats have been portraying President Joe Biden as being in mental decline. The Murdoch family’s toxic news machine has also peddled this false narrative on its other media outlets around the world.

I recently viewed via YouTube a segment on Murdoch’s Australian propaganda network, Sky News. It showed a couple of snippets of recent public appearances by President Biden with commentary claiming to show that Joe Biden was stumbling, bumbling, and presumably going senile.

However, I didn’t see any impairment on the part of the President in those segments. He looked as sharp and cogent as ever. In fact, all of Biden’s public appearances just this past week have revealed an engaged and energetic man acting much younger than his age.

The Sky News smear of our President was yet another example of the toxic Murdoch lie machine claiming in Orwellian fashion that four is five. Unfortunately, their brainwashed audiences probably nodded in collective agreement with the false GOP party line that Biden was mentally failing, despite seeing actual evidence to the contrary.

The right-wing propaganda purveyors may have to create new false stories to peddle in the wake of President Biden’s successful European trip and confrontation with Russian boss Putin. Comrade Vladimir had only very positive comments on the strongly competent professional demeanor that President Biden displayed in their meeting.


Putin even commented that the confused image of Biden portrayed in Russian and American media had “nothing to do with reality.” Unlike the gullible fool viewers of the right-wing fake news networks, Putin believes what he actually sees and hears for himself. In Joe Biden, the KGB grad faced a genuine leader of the Free World, not a groveling and sputtering butt kisser like the orange faced former occupant.

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