Everyone piles on after House Republican Paul Gosar posts utterly deranged tweet

GOP congressional Representative Paul Gosar from Arizona has been one of the staunchest and most outspoken supporters of former President Trump. He is also one of the Congressional cabal of Electoral College vote dissenters that led the effort to nullify the 2020 presidential election count and lit the flame that erupted into the January 6 Capitol insurrection riot.

Despite being under investigation for his role in the January 6 attempted governmental overthrow, Gosar hasn’t taken a low profile to try and avoid more controversy. He recently spoke to a white nationalist conference in Florida, the America First Political Action Committee. The AFPAC is a hate group of racists, anti-Semites, and anti-immigrants. It is led by a noted white power advocate and Holocaust denier, Nick Fuentes, who got his start at the infamous Charlottesville pro-fascist white supremacist rally and riot in 2017.

And just this past Sunday, Gosar posted a bizarre tweet of a picture of a young woman in a short dress leaning into the driver window asking the white male driver “$50 whatever you want baby.” The man’s reply is “Can you tell everyone America First is inevitable.”


“America First” is the slogan increasingly used by Trump and white nationalists, based on a theme used by pro-Nazi groups in the 1930’s. Apparently Rep. Gosar thinks that sex-for-hire sells his white nationalist slogan. Considering that Donald Trump openly consorted with porn stars and sex traffickers, it’s a theme consistent with their perverted and deranged mindset.

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