Even more motivation to turn out and save Gavin Newsom in the recall election

It’s down to the wire, folks! There is only a short time remaining until the California recall election. So, please continue your activism! We can win this. Already, polls are saying Newsom is ahead. Do not let that make you complacent, though. Polls have been wrong (although there is more than one poll here), and we cannot allow ourselves to get over-confident.

Newsom’s primary competitor Larry “Evil” Elder seems to be trying to do everything humanly possible to lose the race. Perhaps this is because, as he himself has said, he lacks the temperament for the job. And now Elder has come out with a new self-sabotaging statement. He has declared if he wins the race, he will replace Dianne Feinstein with a Republican.

“I’m told she has a worse mental condition than even Joe Biden. They’re afraid I’m going to replace her with a Republican — which I most certainly would do, and that would be an earthquake in Washington DC.”

Feel galvanized? Of course, if we keep on keeping on with our activism, Elder and his nasty proclamations will soon be distant California memories. But we MUST keep up with our work.

So keep up the fight. If you can make fliers, please do so and put them everywhere it is legal to do so—tweet about the recall. Talk to people. Send postcards and phone bank. Put reminders as your pinned tweet. Put a message on your Facebook account. Talk to undecided or complacent voters if you know of any. Drive people to the polls if they cannot get there themselves—volunteer at the polls.


Share with people this article and all information on what Californians would be getting with Elder. Do anything else you think would and can help, and if we all do that, the nightmare of Larry Elder will not succeed in his ruthless quest.

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