Criminal case against Trump pal Tom Barrack is even uglier than we knew

When Donald Trump’s money man Tom Barrack was indicted and arrested this summer with no advance warning that there was even an active federal criminal investigation into him, it was a reminder that no one in Trump world is safe. Now it turns out the case against Barrack is even uglier than we knew.

Barrack was indicted for essentially doing espionage on behalf of the government of United Arab Emirates while serving as a Trump adviser. But now federal prosecutors have revealed in court filings that some of the evidence against Barrack is classified material, as flagged by Bloomberg. This means that whatever he got caught doing, it’s ugly enough that even the evidence against him is so sensitive it can’t be made public.


Tom Barrack is a wealthy businessman who has never been dependent on Donald Trump. If Barrack thinks he can beat these charges at trial, he’ll fight them. But if at any point Barrack concludes that he can’t beat the charges, there’s no doubt he’ll try to cut a lenient plea deal against Trump. The fact that the evidence against him is classified suggests that he’s in serious trouble.

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