Eric Swalwell makes mincemeat of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s rude staffer

There was always that one kid in school. This was the kid that everybody feared. In other words, this kid was the bully. Bullies come in many different personas. They may be outwardly very nice as long as you do what they tell you to. If you don’t, all hell breaks loose.

All schools had that one kid. But bullies grow up. Do they shed their abrasive and bullying behavior as they grow older?

I believe that most do not. Of, course some grow to be fine and upstanding members of society. But for many bullies, all they do is take their quarrelsome natures and aim them at various hapless recipients they happen to encounter in adulthood.

And that brings me to the subject of Marjorie Taylor Greene (Bully-Insurrection party-Georgia).

I am sure Greene was a childhood bully. All bullies need to cut their teeth somewhere, so why not in childhood? And as we have seen, Greene is the poster child for unhappy and miserable bullies everywhere. But sometimes, the bully chooses the wrong target.

And that is precisely what happened with Greene. First, as Palmer Report reported, Greene launched a boatload of hate against AOC. But that didn’t seem to be enough for her. Now she’s got her spokesperson doing the same thing.

And this spokesperson chose Rep. Eric Swalwell (Democrat-California) to harass. Not a good idea. Nick Dyer (assistant to a crazy lady) got up in the face of Swalwell. He then snarled at him about why Swalwell was still wearing his mask, telling him that Biden says it is fine to take said mask off.

Only Swalwell wasn’t going to take that garbage. He turned around and said,
“You don’t tell me what to f#cking do!” This left Dyer speechless. We applaud Eric’s actions. He refused to let a pathetic bully intimidate him, and we love him for it. As for Greene and her motley entourage-may I suggest therapy?

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