Looks like Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend is also cutting a deal against him

Today the Feds made official what had been reported earlier this week: they’ve given underage sex trafficker Joel Greenberg a plea deal in exchange for his testimony and evidence against multiple other men he says also had sex with underage girls.

It still hasn’t been specified whether or not Gaetz is one of these unnamed men. But Greenberg’s lawyer previously publicly stated that Matt Gaetz should be very worried about the plea deal that Greenberg was cutting. Now it turns out Greenberg isn’t the only one in the process of turning against Gaetz.

The Feds are also discussing an immunity deal with Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend, according to Politico. She previously refused to cooperate and was threatened with obstruction charges, but those will go away if she cooperates now.

It’s not specifically clear what relevant evidence or testimony she has against Gaetz. But given that the Feds have been hounding her over it, they must consider it to be of value. It’s worth noting that this is apparently the same ex-girlfriend that Matt Gaetz famously claimed had dinner with Tucker Carlson and his wife, prompting Carlson to disavow Gaetz all but entirely.

In any case, one of the keys to building a comprehensive criminal case with a high likelihood of conviction is to line up multiple inside witnesses. Sure enough, the Feds now have Joel Greenberg officially flipping on Matt Gaetz, and they could soon have Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend flipping on him too.

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