Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

Since November 8, 2016, as a writer from Chicago, I have drawn on my broken heart for some of my prose. Feelings of betrayal, lamenting loved ones are powerful emotions. For me, nothing short of an unconditional apology for what they have put us all through will bring us back together. Shocker, not ONE of them has apologized. In fact, they have all doubled down.

It seems lately even more of my loved ones are both-sidesing. There is a new surge in false claims that Biden is owned by corporations, or not doing enough, coming from the right and even the left. Although Biden was not my first choice, his record shows he is an incredibly savvy politician, who always fights for the people. But the simplistic minds who know nothing about how politics work refuse to accept reality.

It is terrifying that traitors such as Michael Flynn continue to make headway into their heads. The former DIA director remains a charismatic figure, a poster child for Q-Anon. His influence helping to recruit new believers of the Big Lie from all walks of life and political persuasions seems to have an increased.

Now, 78% of all republicans believe Biden did not win the election, up from 70% in April. The GOP goal is the sow mistrust in democratic elections, create even stricter voting laws, and regain power. Also, now the COVID situation in the US is worse than almost any other country because of the unvaccinated, who are overwhelmingly people without a college degree and Republican voters.

The GOP playbook is to sow chaos and divisiveness. So be it. I embrace the divisiveness. Just as I would never go back to my ex who cheated and deceived me, I say to them, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, as the country song goes.

But my refrain falls on deaf ears. Their wall of delusion is vaster and more impenetrable than any TFG could have built at the southern border. They are unreachable. So, I’m preaching to the choir, whose voices are music to my ears. My gospel is to spread the word of our great President, who continues to amaze. Here is a link showing the diversity of Biden’s Cabinet appointees and other uplifting information to help take your blues away.