Donald Trump’s golden slumber

CPAC is wasting no time in declaring its alliance to one Donald Trump. And they are doing it in ways that even for them bring the group to new lows. Thursday evening, a mysterious Golden Statue was wheeled into the CPAC Venue. What is this statue of?

The statue is of Donald Trump. This statue, which is over six feet tall, shows the soon-to-be indicted Individual 1 in shorts and flip-flops. The CPAC attendees apparently loved it because, there were quite a bit of applause.

So now the Republicans have dropped all pretense. They are worshipping at this “man’s” alter. It’s crude, it’s pathetic, and it’s dangerous.

The shorts and flip-flop thing is odd, but I guess the good news about that is the artist chose to put any clothes on him at all. At least, one does not have to view a naked statue of Individual One.

I feel a statue of Trump in prison garb would have been a heck of a better choice, but somehow, I doubt the CPAC attendees would positively react to such a thing. This is pretty disgusting in and of itself. However, the statue is also spurring backlash.

Many on Twitter brought up the “golden calf” story from the Old Testament. This story warned about worshiping a false God. However, it appears the Republicans never got the memo.

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