Ted Cruz just got destroyed

Now that Ted Cruz has turned himself into a national punchline with his Cancun scandal, he’s trying to make the punchline work for himself – and it’s not working. During an embarrassing CPAC speech today, Cruz joked about how the weather was better in Cancun, before yelling and hollering like a malfunctioning Steve Ballmer doll and leaving the stage. Then it got worse.

Never one to simply take a loss, Ted Cruz decided to double down on his idiocy. After his failed speech, he posted this tweet: “The Republican Party is not the party of the country clubs, it’s the party of hardworking, blue-collar men and women.”

Wait, really? This is the same Ted Cruz who just got back from the Ritz Carlton in Cancun. This is the same Ted Cruz who just gave a speech vaguely supporting Donald Trump, who owns multiple country clubs that haven’t yet been seized by creditors or prosecutors.


For his effort, Ted Cruz’s tweet ended up getting just ten thousand likes and a whopping twenty-nine thousand mostly negative comments, making for an ugly Twitter ratio. Cruz got destroyed in his replies, and he deserved it.

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