Donald Trump just lost another one

Despite Trump’s “order” to Republicans not to even consider President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure deal, negotiated by a select few Democrats and Republicans who reached an agreement earlier on Wednesday, the Senate has cleared the first hurdle, voting 67 to 32 to open formal debate on the proposed agreement.

After weeks of negotiation, this is a clear victory for Biden’s “Build Back Better” plans, to fulfill his promises for an enormous amount of good union jobs to be created, a huge step to fulfilling his plans making it truly possible to start buying American-made products, versus the former guy’s empty promises. Our infrastructure weeks are actually fruitful now, while his were but a joke.

If enacted, the bipartisan proposal would enable expansive building and repair of the nation’s roads, bridges, and broadband. It would be the largest-ever federal investment in public transit, the largest investment in passenger rail since Amtrak, and the long overdue and largest investment in bridges since the highway system was constructed.

Of course, challenges still remain, but it appears Trump’s wish to stop the bipartisan deal in its tracks has not taken hold. Republicans are well aware more than 80% of Americans want this to happen, and if they stop playing ball at this point, Democrats will do it without them.

Perhaps Trump should stop with the juvenile name-calling when it comes to Mitch McConnell — whose now on board with the bipartisan plan — but he won’t. He should just stick with his selfish school-bully antics, tall tales, conspiracy theories, and hatefests — they’re what he does best.

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