Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr in trouble in Washington DC Attorney General probe

Thanks to the Manhattan indictments of the Trump Organization and Allen Weisselberg, the recent arrest of Tom Barrack by the EDNY, the raid of Rudy Giuliani’s home by the SDNY, and the DOJ criminal probe into Matt Gaetz, it’s growing difficult to keep track of all the criminal probes into Trump world right now.

Yet now it’s a civil probe, on the part of the Washington DC Attorney General, that could bring more immediate problems for Donald Trump’s kids. The Daily Beast is now reporting that investigators in that case suspect that “Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and others bilked the inaugural celebration” by steering the funds to a Trump property at a markup.

Again, this is a civil case, meaning the only punishment that can be directly handed out is a financial penalty. But this comes after earlier reports that Don Jr and Ivanka may have given inaccurate testimony, which the DC Attorney General can spin off as a criminal case if he concludes that the inaccurate testimony was intentional perjury.

The kicker of course is that Tom Barrack and Allen Weisselberg are both knee deep in the Trump inaugural scandal, and they were both recently indicted and arrested for other scandals. If one or both of them ends up cutting a plea deal, their cooperation could make it a whole lot easier for the DC Attorney General to make headway. As increasingly seems to be the case with these kinds of probes, the Trump family is at the center of the scandal and seems to be the ultimate target for investigators.

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