Donald Trump Jr melts down over Dr. Jill Biden

Some people are like sunshine. These people have certain qualities. They sparkle. Their personalities are effervescent, and being around them is like hearings dolphins sing. Our First Lady, Jill Biden, is such a person.

First Lady Biden is lovely inside and out. She has a smile that lights up a room. People who have never met her feel like they know her. She appears warm, uplifting, and full of grace. And as her husband will most likely go down in history as being one of our best Presidents, so too will Jill likely wind up as one of our best first ladies.

And it is driving the Trump family crazy. Jill Biden has done a cover for Vogue magazine. This fact is really bothering the snot-nosed spawn of the former guy.

Donald Trump Jr (animal, insurrection party) photoshopped a picture of Jill Biden with a picture of Alice Cooper’s face on it.

Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump, wasn’t too pleased about the vogue cover either, although I am sure her opinion matters little to anyone outside MAGA.

Here’s the thing – Melania did not get a Vogue cover. So, the family of vipers is distraught.

Jill Biden was featured because she is a lovely person. Her very presence brings joy.

The Trumps, in general, are a dark and whiny bunch who care for nobody and nothing. And Melania is no different. When comparing Jill Biden and Melania Trump, it is like comparing a songbird to a rattlesnake. Kudos to Jill for her lovely cover. As for Melania not getting one–I really don’t care. Do U?

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