Donald Trump is making a mess


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Donald Trump (Insurrectionist-Insurrection party) will never be able to help the Republicans in the 2022 midterms. This is something the eager GOP members appear not to realize yet.

Trump will not be able to help them because he is a narcissist. Narcissistic people do not have it in them to help anyone, to empathize with anyone, or to care deeply about anyone.

An excellent example of the disease of narcissism can be found in the Mythological story of Echo and Narcissus.

Echo was a beautiful nymph who had angered Hera, wife of Zeus. Echo was cursed, and with that curse, she lost the ability to speak except for repeating words of others.

Narcissus was a handsome and cocky youth whom Echo fell for, which Narcissus dismissed. In his mind, nobody would ever be good enough for him. Eventually, he did fall in love with his own reflection reflected in a pool of water. He died in sadness beside the pool.

And this describes the Trump personality so aptly. The only thing the former guy loves is himself. He will do nothing to help the sheeplike Republicans who tremble with hope as they imagine themselves winning future elections mightily with Trump as their savior.

Trump cannot and will not be what they hope. He will likely spend the rest of his days, like Narcissus did, obsessed with himself and his own reflection.


And as Echo did, the slavish Republicans, unaware of their incoming rejection, will lose themselves in a winning story of success through the object of their affection. They think Trump will save them, and as they race forward toward futility, they are unaware their own dreams have already been crushed.


Palmer Report 2024 GoFundMe

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