Donald Trump has even lost Alex Jones

Wonders will never cease. One only has to keep breathing. Keep on keeping on and something will astound you. Alex Jones pissed on Donald Trump’s post mortem parade. You heard right. This is utterly astounding. It’s not smelling salts and fainting couch astounding, but still.

If you hadn’t heard, Alex Jones, daft high priest of fear and Q-level insanity has publicly renounced Donald Trump. Renounced in extremely harsh terms, too, calling the Fallen Orange Idol a ‘dumbass.’ Jones hurled the scatological insult because The Former Guy had the temerity, the las pelotas pequeños, to finally admit to his subjects that he got the jabs. But wait! Jones’ main beef was that Donald had added insult to ignorance by sheepishly prompting his MAGA-minions to get the vaccine. (There were also quite a lot of conspiratorial details involving Big Media, the Deep State and a soft cheese, but they’re not germane to Jones’s public renunciation of the Pudgey Orange Blintz.)

That’s astounding! And much welcomed, of course. Imagine all the MAGA-knuckleheads trying to work out whether to fall in line behind Jones or plod along with the Lord of Mar-a-Lardo. The alt/right center may hold for now but apparently the lunatic fringe is splintering.

Please, watch the clip, Dear Reader, but do take care not to stand too close to the flame of self-righteous anger. Best listen with the volume down. The boy’s got lungs. Might we hope that the MAGA-galleon has emptied its sails? We might but there’s plenty of forward motion left to propel the Trump-ship until he’s indicted and arrested.

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