Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell apparently aren’t done trying to destroy each other

The cult of Trump may be beginning to slow. Why do I say that? Well, reports are that Trump is withering on the vine a bit at Mar-A-Lago. He is not doing much of anything, though I am pretty sure McDonald’s and golf are still a part of the insurrectionist’s routine. And Trump spoke this past weekend at the Republican retreat. It did not go well.

Trump did what he does best. He attacked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Insurrection Party-Kentucky). He slammed his former Vice President and puppy in waiting, Mike Pence (insurrection Party-Indiana). His speech was reportedly the same old same old, and many were turned off.

This shows you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Of course, Trump wasn’t going to give a rousing and eloquent speech. The man is incapable of being eloquent and cares about nothing and nobody except himself. The fact that many a Republican have not realized this yet is genuinely mind-boggling.

Name-calling McConnell can’t have helped. Whatever one thinks about Moscow Mitch, the Republicans are going to need him for their 2022 campaigns. Trump’s attempted take-down of Mitch did not go over well.

How will the two, who despise each other, ever work together? That is an interesting question, and much of the answer depends on what McConnell decides to do about the pesky insurrectionist.

For now, though, Trump’s hold on the GOP, while still strong, has lost a bit of its edge. The orange-haired failure remains out of the limelight and under criminal investigation.

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