David Perdue waves the white flag

Recently elected Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock received some good news Tuesday. Former Georgia Senator David Perdue, who was widely seen as a potential challenger to Warnock in 2022, has announced he will not be running against Warnock.

This announcement is somewhat of a surprise. Perdue had only just recently filed paperwork to explore a candidacy. But he has changed his mind. Perdue lost his reelection bid to John Ossoff in January, so perhaps he does not want to risk also losing to Warnock.

It is also being reported that Perdue had a recent visit with insurrectionist Donald Trump which reportedly did not go well as all Trump wanted to speak about was revenge.

Perdue put out a statement saying he would not challenge Warnock and included this asinine comment: “As we saw in my race in November, Georgia is not a blue state. The more Georgians that vote, the better Republicans do. These two current liberal US Senators do not represent the values of a majority of Georgians.”

Sigh. That comment ranks high on the “stupid statements by Republicans” list. Our two outstanding new Senators, Warnock and Ossoff, do represent the majority of Georgians because they won. Someone needs to tell Purdue to think before he speaks, but we doubt he’d listen anyway.


But while this is excellent news, someone on the Sedition party side will indeed challenge Warnock. As Democrats, we need to do everything we can to make sure Warnock retains his seat in 2022.

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