Merrick Garland takes on Josh Hawley

Two of the newer Senators in Congress could not be more different. Josh Hawley’s involvement in the January 6 Capitol insurrection has already shown what type of Senator he is going to be. Alternatively, Jon Ossoff comes across as thoughtful and displays genuine concern for citizens. The differences between these two could not stand out more clearly than when each man had the opportunity to question Merrick Garland during his confirmation hearings.

Jon Ossoff promised the people of Georgia that he would ensure civil rights for all, and his questions to Judge Garland went right to the heart of that issue. Judge Garland said that he too will be a staunch defender of civil rights, and Ossoff’s questions leaned in that direction. Fox News Atlanta highlighted Ossoff’s question to Judge Garland about the Ahmad Arbery case, wherein law enforcement “chose to look the other way.” Ossoff asked Garland how the DOJ can use its authority in instances where local agencies fail to uphold their duties to their citizens and how we can make them accountable. Judge Garland responded that Arbery’s murder “brought everything to the fore” and created conditions under which we can “make dramatic changes.” He indicated that moments such as this allow us to bring change, and he supports criminally prosecuting anyone who violates another’s constitutional rights. Both Ossoff and Garland shined during that moment. Then, it was Josh Hawley’s turn to ask questions, and we wish he had not.

Hawley not only objected to certification of the presidential election, but when he passed the mob, he raised his fist in solidarity, egging them on even as he sent out fundraising emails. “Despicable” does not adequately describe Josh Hawley, but until we come up with another word, that will have to do. Of all the issues relating to the position of Attorney General that Hawley could have asked, he chose to ask about defunding the police, which has nothing to do with anything other than to continue to stoke the base he covets. He ended up embarrassed.

As reported by Washington Post, Judge Garland politely put Hawley in his place: “As you no doubt know, President Biden has said he doesn’t support defunding the police, and neither do I.” Did you get that Hawley? He followed up that stupid question with another stupid question, asking Judge Garland whether an assault on any federal property is considered “domestic terrorism.” In his own lame way, Hawley suggested that the attack on the Capitol is not terrorism and is merely the Democrats’ “attempt to grab power” Washington Post reported. Judge Garland responded to Hawley that this type of behavior on any federal property is considered domestic terrorism. Judge Garland should know, since he prosecuted Timothy McVeigh for the Oklahoma City bombing. Hawley is an idiot.

Judge Garland should be easily confirmed as Attorney General. He will turn things around in the Justice Department, and the Attorney General will go back to being attorney for the people, not the president.

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