CNN’s Pamela Brown just bulldozed House Republican Madison Cawthorn

Freshman Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), made the typical rookie mistake. Vying for the spotlight he shot his mouth off about election fraud, served as a contributing factor to the incitement of insurrection at the Capitol, and then he made the serious miscalculation of going on air tonight with Pamela Brown of CNN instead of appearing on one of the propaganda ‘no-questions-asked, no utterance challenged’ “alternative facts” networks.

Brown confronted Cawthorn with a docket full of “facts,” primary among them was that amid all of his election irregularity allegations he never once saw fit to have an issue with his own state of North Carolina. You can watch it below:

Brown recited the many ways in which North Carolina also changed its voting procedures due to the pandemic including, extending the time for mail-in ballots to be received (for up to a week), and even making changes after the voting began. Near her wrap up she made the point that these issues not only existed in his home state but, unlike the states he complained of (primarily Wisconsin), North Carolina actually had confirmed voter fraud in 2018. Thanks, Pamela Brown. We needed this.

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