CNN has lost its mind

Doom and gloom; gloom and doom. That seems to be what CNN is hawking for a ratings boost.
‘Dems Stall on Passing Biden’s Agenda’ – screams the chyron. Woe is Joe and his Agenda, a poor, pitiful thing that CNN wants us to believe has been abandoned on the doorstep or by the side of the road.

Chris Cuomo hectors Van Jones about why Biden isn’t holding pressers and conducting non-stop meetings to push through his agenda. Jones is stumped for an answer, of course, because Biden has been doing just that; holding press conferences, making announcements both in formal settings and on the fly. He has been getting in the faces of the recalcitrant Republicans in Dem clothing; Sinema and Manchin.

One must assume that Biden, the old Senate war-horse, is using appropriate amounts of carrot and stick in these meetings. However, it’s as if the nay-sayers of MSM have been englamoured by the sturm und drang of TFG and expects Joe to toe that same bellicose, psychotic line.

The hand-wringing of the MSM extends to the January 6th Select Committee, as well. The talking heads seem to have forgotten what the mechanisms of due process are; just as they have fostered their own amnesia on how Congress operates.

Cries arise lamenting Democratic inaction. Evidently, if no one is running around with their hair on fire, then nothing is being done. That’s not how any of this works as the Palmer Report has repeatedly informed us.


The Democratic Party is not a monolith. Democrats make it a point of honor and principle to never walk in lock-step. The Dems are not – NOT – an authoritarian party of the ‘Dear Leader’ no matter the hue of his complexion. Dissension in the ranks is a feature, not a bug for the Dems. It’s a little thing called ‘politics’ in an inclusive democracy; that process which the GQP is attempting to make passe as they goose-step towards fascism.

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